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The story you're reading is a work of theory-fiction based on the concept of 'pataphysiscs' and/or 'hyperstition' where the characters and events, real or fictional, are considered equally existent sources of change in our reality.


This project is the practical continuation of my MA thesis Out-of-Hardware Experience: Consciousness and Software where software is understood in its capacity to provide a spatio-temporal matrix on top of which a self can experience a new phenomenal world. Furthermore, at the end of the thesis I introduce the concept of 'language maze' as the intertwining of languages intended as all the symbolic signifiers which characterize both humans and machines symbolic grounds. Ilinx is the practical attempt to represent this theories, a new world of experience existing in the convergence of consciousness and software, of natural languages and computer codes.


Main Narrative

The story of Ilinx takes place in the (theory-)fictional universe created by the Cybernetic Culture Research Units (CCRU) which is itself based on the fictional universe of H. P. Lovecraft. For the main narrative I've mostly re-edited and mixed Lovecraft's text 'The Call of the Cthulhu' with the part-2 of 'Ccru Writings 1997-2003' called 'Cthulhu Club' in the edition published by Time Spiral Press in 2015. The concept of ilinx, however, comes from a different source, the text 'Man, Play and Games' on game theory by Roger Caillois.



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