Habitat – Collective workshop for cultural re-activation of rural, mid-areas in Italy, as the ideal environment for artistic practices in dialogue with the territorial specificity.

HABITAT is a format conceived to respond to the need of cultural revitalisation of rural villages and areas, with the aim to resonate their cultural heritage and local traditions as an important tool for understanding the present. While braiding in the specific pre-existent context, the project helps to define new possibilities for artistic and cultural developments – combining research, experimental approaches and the speculative power of the imagination.

A place-based strategy that recognises the potentiality of the territory – especially in these new, migratory times – together with the need to raise and ri-elaborate its precious micro-territorial heritage, in order to build new attractive, functional opportunities for the village. The project, which takes place in the form of a programme of residencies and in-site events during the summer, starts the dialogue between the cultural, architectural and the naturalistic heritage of the place with the contemporary artistic production; represented by artists which become mediators of the artistic debate within the rural-context.

Fig.1 - Water impoundment areas enhance human ℰ natural habitat (Biodiversity) Source: Sustainable Urban Design Paradigm, Kazimee (2002)

A residency programme developed within three, complementary frameworks:
➞ Soundscapes, in collaboration with Flee Project (FR)
➞ (Ultra)territorial Narration, in collaboration with XPUB (NL)
➞ Speculative Urbanism, in collaboration with Parasite2.0 (UK-IT)