During my vocal performance, I hope to be more neutral in character, sex and nationality => so need an alter-ego performancer!

Maybe, what I need is not a performancer as alterego, but an "extra-ego" or becoming ventriloquist. My identity should present during my performance staying in comfort-zone for voice.


Laurie Anderson - O superman

Pete Drake & his talking steel guitar - Forever

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=> but the use of my voice is not for making money nore attract someone.
=> voice = a complaint tool against discrimination
=> resist socials expectations of my voices, changing the message; use of words / none use of imperative sentence or tag question, etc
=> use my voice sooo often that mine is considered as neutral or a defaults

Standart dictionary

Standart Dictionary

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Further question

  1. What is the use of this dictionary?

  2. Do I invite other (encourage to send me their pronunciation or using php?) or stay as a personal linguistic paradise?
    No invitation. When many peple participate, we take the diversity for granted. I believe, when all variations come from one person, it emphasizes the probability in anyone's language.
    Go back to initiative purpose of this dictionary!

  3. What is the system in my dictionary? Totally arbitrary or with some rule?
    Random selection is used but not totally arbitrary. => selected among prepared elements in list.

  4. How do I select the word? (for now, some words that I had a problem to pronounce)
    I choose words from the reference texts. Words that I pronounced differently from the normal dictionary => then why not make these texts accessible to the audience?

  5. Further idea?

Linguistic Meditation

Martha Rosler - Semiotics of the Kitchen 1975