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About Virtual Gardens

Virtual Gardens is a portal that cultivates care through reclaimed digital spaces. Offering an alternative landscape for all your online needs, the idea stems from a rising displacement from current big tech spaces and platforms. Inside the Garden OS, you can discover a path into an underground and subversive way of existing online. If you are feeling disenfranchised from the standardised platformisation of social media and the surge of algorithmic content, retreat with Virtual Gardens to a newly cultivated world harking back to Web 1. This is a space where we can creatively express ourselves with experimentation and play, and, most importantly, agency.

Virtual Gardens aims to give visibility to the many self organised communities online who subvert and play with web capabilities through giving autonomy to users, bringing us back as creators as opposed to consumers. Go forth and cultivate your garden!


What to expect?

1-on-1 consultation hours
Onboarding in the Virtual Garden
Research Leaflets
Cultivating Workshops
Virtual space matching
Online chat service with guest gardeners in The Garden Chat

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