hi mikahii > : ) communisthorse contentcontentcontent β€œ Okay. ” sus are going to play Mazes and Monsters in ” Jay Jay whispered triumphantly .
ect you are really nuts ! ” Perry said .
β€˜ t the bones ? ” ie ee you use animal bones ? All you have to do is i ] the carcassβ€” S : ee going to make me throw up , Jay Jay said .
β€œ You 're really going to play in the caverns ? ” Perry said .
Like most of the people at Grant , he had heard of the game 2 Pre and knew that it was popular on the campus , even though ry , Who th he didn ’ t play it himself .
β€œ You know , you could get lost in Na there and die. ” Omelife β€œ We know , ” Jay Jay said .
Mini β€œ You 're not going to lose my bones ? ” seh β€œ If we get lost and die in the caverns with your bones , lk they 'll come to look for us , and then you 'll get even more daysiΒ’ ff bones .
That ought to make you happy. ” β€œ And I get free gas for the motorbike , ” Perry said .
a weekend They shook hands on their deal .
Jay Jay said he ’ d let him |that'sthe | know the date .
He knew Perry would probably tell a few People , but it didn ’ t matter .
They would never tell the night til } school authorities , and none of Perry ’ s friends played the game .
The chance of another group trying to play in have to the caverns was extremely rare .
It was much more likely that they would come to Jay Jay and ask to be included .
Even 8 , ant to Jay Jay didn ’ t want strangers .
a0 β€œ Remember , ” he said , β€œ secrecy is of the essence : Yeah , yeah , ” Perry said .
β€œ It ’ s my ass too , Y _ aia , else i - joy , oh bliss , oh gleeful wonder ! Everything was first nto place so well .
exams , was 4 Reading Period , when everyone studied for 159