Welcome to Low-Tech Chronicles -._,--._,-'"`-._,-'"`-._, Issue #1: Ephermal Encodings is out now!``-._,--._,-'"`-._,-'"`-._,Welcome to Low-Tech Chronicles -._,--._,-'"`-._,-'"`-._, Issue #1: Ephermal Encodings is out now!``-._,--._,-'"`-._,-'"`-._,Welcome to Low-Tech Chronicles -._,--._,-'"`-._,-'"`-._, Issue #1: Ephermal Encodings is out now!``-._,--._,-'"`-._,-'"`-._,Welcome to Low-Tech Chronicles -._,--._,-'"`-._,-'"`-._, Issue #1: Ephermal Encodings is out now!``-._,--._,-'"`-._,-'"`-._,'"`-._,-'"`-._,


is an


mental publication that focuses on


activating so-called obsolete technologies.


Each issue embeds possibly forgotten media standards and techniques into today's


media environments so as to collec


rethink their lost and new potential

(by taking deep dives)

.--- --- While there is a pressure to constantly adopt


, fast, and state-of-the-art high-tech


, this series proposes


tead to engage with slower, more unstable and forgotten low_tech



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| >> –How can we utilize it?                                      | |β–‘
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what IS IT ABOUT??///

FORMAT >>> For each issue, a questionably obsolete technique / framework is picked around a central theme. By using the techniques and methods to explore the theme, the content is being produced. This results in a publication that experiments with its own format. The outcome is never quite determined in advance.

CONTENT >>> For every edition, people connected to the theme are invited to share stories, their perspective and experiences with the topic. Through collective experimentation, research and sharing, LOW-TECH CHRONICLES also intends to become a community.


MEDIA AND FORMAT >>> This hybrid 'in-between-formats' publication consists of mixed media content. This will vary from one issue to another, from audio content, to images, texts, software, schematics, etc. Additionally, a DIY/DIWO workshop guideline will be provided for every issue. Whenever possible we will publish the resources, code, sources, links and repositories used so they can be further appropriated, used and misused. >> Read more

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LOW-TECH CHRONICLES is an independent publishing practice, it aims to create small networks by involving others. (and by sharing their stories)

LOW-TECH CHRONICLES is rooted in DIY-culture, it does not commemorate or exhibit nostalgia, it actively engages with technology

by picking it up and utilizing it. LOW-TECH CHRONICLES advocates for a hands-on approach, it directly uses the materiality of media, formats and tools so as to reveal the inner potential and context of so-called obsolete technology.

(Digital) Technologies and methods quickly developed over time. Devices, systems and techniques often had a short lifespan IC you! and were often discarded before their full potential could be explored. However, many methods and standards that we use today derive from their 'low-tech predecessors'. According to media theorist Marshall McLuhan, the content of a new medium is always an old medium.Pi


Topic description:

How can sound contribute to restoring our relationship with the material world of computation now that (operational) sounds are disappearing?

The publication consists of 2 readers and an audio cassette. The first part is a collection of stories and anecdotes by 18 contributors. For this part, each contributor was invited to share a vivid memory or almost-forgotten experience on how sound connected them to the material world of computation and digital networking. To enrich their stories, each contributor provided a piece of audio and an (modulated) image with their text. The second part is a thesis that discusses the topic of the (disappearing) sound of computer activity more in-depth. The issue explores the theme by experimenting with the material properties of the contents itself.

CONTRIBUTORS>>>> Aymeric Mansoux, Claire Kwong, Dennis de Bel, Sarah Grant, Dustin Long, Florian Cramer, Goto 80, Danny Wolfers, Hans Kulk, joak, Raquel Meyers, Tijs Ham, UTZ, Zach Mandeville, Olli Aarni, Patrick Lichty, MariΓ«tte Groot, Sebastian Tomczak and Mark van den Heuvel.

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screen screen
'"`-._,--._,-'"`-._,-'"`-._,-`-._,-'"`-._,-'"`-._,-Here's is an obsolete technology... How can we utilize it?'"`-._,--._,-'"`-._,-'"`-._,-`-._,-'"`-._,-'"`-._,-'"

β•‘β–“β–’β–‘β–‘ GUESTBOOK β–‘β–‘β–’β–“β•‘


Technologies constantly evolve over time. No matter how intensely used or widely adopted, they will always get caught up by its own successors at some point eventually to be replaced with newer versions of itself. As a result devices, systems, tools, and techniques have an inescapable short lifespan. They will always be replaced before reaching their full potential even though they belong to the same lineage. Behind a high-tech, there is always a low-tech. Just because something has been categorized as 'obsolete' by market-driven developments doesn't mean it has lost its relevance.

Column 1

Column 1

screen Film still from 'THE FUTURE IS NOT WHAT IT USED TO BE', a film by Mika Taanila about Erkki Kurenniemi (2012)

Column 2

Most of today's technologies seem highly mysterious and forbiddingly complex to many. Even magical as their inner workings are increasingly skilfully hidden. However, there is nothing magical by constantly building on top of existing technology to initiate new usage and paradigms. What appears like magic is in fact alienation as we keep on getting further away from a more relatable underlying apparatus. Working with older technology bring us back closer to its understanding and its basic principles. When its magic disappears, its potential for appropriation increases.

By deconstructing apparently obsolete techniques and embedding them into modern contexts, their potential can be further amplified. Here is where LOW-TECH CHRONICLES situates itself. The goal is not to keep such techniques alive, but to provide an insight in how things can be done differently which contributes to how we critically engage with technology.

Over the years, 'low-tech' itself has become an unstable definition. In the context of this series, low-tech is the counterpart to the high-tech; the paradigm of always looking forward to the next big thing.

Concretely, the series intend to focus on 80s and 90s computer technology and consumer electronics. We are particularly fond of music production done with old sound chips, software art on flexi-disks, data sonification and modulation done for obscure purposes, dot matrix printing orchestras, endlessly dissecting obsolete media formats, communicate via unstable telecommunications system, glorious ASCII-art, etc. We also may lost ourselves in the media archeologies of Telematic Art, Mail art, DIY-publishing, Bulletin Boards, zine culture, Aspen Magazine, sneaker-nets, diskmags, etc.Β 

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   |    |\__  \__   |___/       |    ||    |  |   |   |   |   |      /     |   |    |  |   |   |        | \__ |      |___| 
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You are currently visiting the Raspberry Pi in my house. It functions as a webserver and can only be accesed when it's powered. Imagine the sound of the fan while you make yourself at home. (Please don't break anything.)


Unscii (by Viznut)
Terminal (open) (Terminal (by RaphaΓ«l Bastide. JΓ©rΓ©my Landes)
Anthony (by Sun Young Oh)
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