Congrats! You found the *hidden* content. I strongly advise you to buy a cassette deck or tape player, though! :)


Side A:

Side B:

SIDE A: Ephemeral Encodings
A01: Sebastian Tomczak - Family Home Computing
A02: Dennis de Bel - Rumbling clouds
A03: Aymeric Mansoux - Audio leakage in the age of soggy cheesecakes
A04: Mariƫtte Groot - Dream Machine
A05: Dustin Long - Ghost Sounds
A06: Florian Cramer - COIL WHINE
A07: Danny Wolfers - The lost magic noise of computer artefacts
A08: joak - 2021-05-31
A09: Zach Mandeville - AOL Instant Messenger Open Door Sound
A10: Goto 80 - Drooling dog
A11: Tijs Ham - Static Code
A12: Claire Kwong - Projector Hum
A13: Hans Kulk - The Analogue Computer
A14: Olli Aarni - Auditory brushes
A15: Patrick Lichty - Vicapore/Duntoria
A16: Sarah Grant - *Diss-connected*
A17: Raquel Meyers - Keys of Fury
A18: UTZ - Beep to Boot

SIDE B: Clicks, Beeps, Buzzes, & Orchestras
B01: Anecdote#1 - Bodily Sonification
B02: Anecdote#2 - Memoires of an 8-bit Bootlegger
B03: Anecdote#3 - The Violent Sound of Networking
B04: Anecdote#4 - A Fanboy
B05: Anecdote#5 - Accessing the Internet by Means of Brute Force
B06: Anecdote#6 - The Silent Threat
B07: Anecdote#7 - A Deep Sigh from Within

###: 18 Minutes of Ambient Computer Sounds