2 hours of head space to write some code documentation

First session
March 15th
around XPUB Studio
4th floor Wijnhaven
Second Session
March 23rd
Gouwstraat 3, Rotterdam

For your new coding project, for the cryptic library you downloaded recently, for a script that you want to share with others!

Too many pieces of code are left alone out there: without an entry point, forgotten, while outside is raining. Wouldn't it be nice to take care of them?

Enter the documentation sessions. Two hours where to sit with source code and write something about it. From simple instructions to in-depth explanations, or maybe some drawings to illustrate the overall process. You name it.

Writing documentation can be tricky! But let's face this together: prompts and suggestions will be offered for inspiration, and coffee and snacks for restoration. If you want there will be space to share your work and exchange feedback, if not no prob: just enjoy the cozy music and write some docs.

would you rather develop tools for yourself or for other; but is the trolley problem
As the famous trolley problem goes: sharing is caring.
Padliography - A bookmarking tool for pad (and link in general)
DRW - A multi surface multi player real time drawing app
Kiwiboat - How to connect and play around with the media wiki api
the famous riddle of goat wolf and cabbage, but now is with coding
Code documentation = the boat in this puzzle

These sessions are part of a research focused on code documentation intended not just a technical list of procedures, but also a way to provide context and orientate code in the world. A texture where to weave together multiple voices and diverse registry, in order to re-enchant the making of software.

Documentation as a way to produce narrations around software. To create a world for the code to inhabit, to stretch what is possible to do or to think with it.

Documentation as a space for the political in the software. A surface that could host ideas in close contact with code, letting them entangle and shape each other.

Read more: Situated Documentation - a small brainstorming in the format of a list

person complaining in discord about software and documentation

This project grows out of the contradiction of being frustrated in having to deal with undocumented pieces of code, and at the same time never documenting anything.

Developed in the context of the Experimental Publishing master. A really nice place to be.