Selection Process

This is a tool for gathering situated impressions in order to create individual, vernacular and poetic readings of various inputs (such as space, image, text …)

This first application questions the standard way to map a space and instead introduces different kinds of mapping (individual, vernacular, poetic)

1. Standard Map

Floor plan of Supi's living room

Gathering subjective descriptions on the interface

Collecting Labels

2. Subjective Maps

Four subjective descriptions of Supi's living room

Stacking subjective maps

3. Vernacular Map

Four subjective descriptions layered

Use code to filter the materials and create poetic maps

4. Poetic Map

Poem that uses selected parts of the subjective descriptions
(each time that a subjective description is added the output changes)

Select which parts of the process are part of the publication

Selection of subjective, vernacular, poetic layers, in different combinations

Expected outcomes

Export / print ever-changing publication