🥣 Soup Generator

Hey this is a Soup + Diary Cookbook and it is meant to be collaborative! For now you can add a recipe only if you are from XPUB 🤧, but we are working to make it open access.

To add a recipe:

  1. Enter your Jupiter, and go to ~/shared/html/soup-gen/
  2. Open the notebook add_recipe.ipynb
  3. Run the first snippet, it will ask you for some info about the recipe.
  4. Run the second snippet, it will save the recipe in the Soupboat.
  5. You added a recipe!
  6. __CONGRATS__

Each soup has:



List of ingredients

  • First ingredient
  • Second ingredient
  • ...

List of instructions

  1. First instruction
  2. Second instruction
  3. ...

Soup Gen Cookbook