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00. Mix of sauces

Reader prototyping project developed in class by Kamo, Supisara and me. We tried the method of taking a complex text and simplifying by putting it in chat bubbles divided by categories.

See here.

01. Blackout poetry

When a page of text is completely blacked out (coloured over with permanent marker so that it is no longer visible) except for a selection of a few words. When only these words are visible, a brand new story is created from the existing text.

I blacked out (rejected) many words of the first page of "House of Dust" journal (Alison Knowles) looking for a new meaning, more focus or wherever this experiment would lead me.

See here.

02. New meanings by repetition

By printing a short sentence a hundred times, repeating itself, we can discover a new meaning. We can start from a different word every time and construct several meanings. Pretty simple, but fun to try.

See here.

03. Petition comments processing

Experimenting with my first steps in processing natural language with Python. For this exercise I took a petition tackling the housing crisis in the Netherlands and the comments of people who signed it. In order to get to know their stories, real problems and reasons for participation, I copied their comments in a pad and then ran a function to extract the adjectives - the words they used to describe the situation or their feelings. See the petition comments pad here and the pad with the extracted adjectives. Here is the processing code.

Challenges not solved: we see the adjectives out of context; you don't see when an adjective had also a negative "no/not" before it. How do you get what was the sense behind the adjective when filtering them like this? What can you do with this output?

04. Vernacular maps

Work in progress...

05. Rejection as a self-care experiments

Together with Miriam, we elaborated on the idea of looking at the rejection as a self-care mechanism. Here are our concept and brainstorming.