Welcome to the Etc Portal to Contamination

The Etc Portal to Contamination is a project initiated by Chaeyoung Kim and Gersande Schellinx in the context of the Special Issue 16 (2021), around the topic of Vernacular Language Processing. It is a subgroup project hosted by the overall project: Learning How To Walk While Catwalking.

The Etc Portal to Contamination is a research into the negative space one can find in texts. Hosted by the means of simple keywords, expressions and punctuation marks… These implicit markers ('et cetera', ' etc ', ' etc.', 'and-so-on', 'and-so-forth', 'and others', 'et al.', 'and all the rest', 'and on and on', 'along with others’, ‘blablabla’, ‘blabla’, ‘and much more’, '...', '(...)','[...]', '[. …]'), often leave out some information for different reasons: may that be due to a lack of time, because the author assumes you understand what they imply, or don't feel the need to make a further listing of certain items.

As an attempt to navigate texts with you (the users) and create entry-points for you to co-write with us, we created gates for you to enter the text. We'd like to explore the possibilities allowed by your contamination, where narratives are constantly shifting, contexts re-evaluated and all inputs are welcomed.

This project has been made possible thanks to Manetta Berends, Michael Murtaugh, Clara Balaguer, Steve Rushton, Cristina Cochior and all our dear XPUB classmates.

The Neverending Backstage Story is an original text by
Gersande | Chaeyoung | (...)