Documentation workout

Hello these are some logs from kamo. I like to develop software to inhabit complexity with visual and performative outcomes. You can find here a lot of works in progress and some finished projects. My resolution for these 2 years is to get good in documenting things I do. So this is basically workout. Read thesis in progress here --> software and worlding



app to sketch storyboards
tool video vue 20 May, 23


Branching and collaborative writing
Python Tool Writing 10 May, 23


List of wiki pages
Wiki list python 10 May, 23


Soupboat sailing toward new adventures
Animation Soupboat Web 05 May, 23

Writing machines

Practical token to graduate
Proj frog grad 03 Apr, 23

documenting research

station skill at the research station
documentation research 21 Mar, 23

Postage Free round 1

Preparing some gift for co labourer
Midwives Post 13 Mar, 23


4x times faster
3D Server Sport 10 Mar, 23


demo for interactive subtitles timeline
3d timeline web 02 Mar, 23

Considering worksiop

Some thoughts about giving worksiops
??? Snacks Workshop 25 Feb, 23

Multi surface multi player multi drawings

Websocket workshop for multiplayer drawing
JS WS Web 17 Feb, 23

Documentation sessions

Gardening for code
Docs Workshop 12 Feb, 23


Open ended CSV sequencer
Python Sound 26 Dec, 22


Multiplayer drawing via websocket
Prototype Web 22 Dec, 22


Flat markup documentation framework (hot)
CMS Docs Markup 13 Dec, 22


Prototype for flat markup language
CMS Markup 12 Dec, 22


writing machine to explore the list format
Print Prototype Web 23 Nov, 22


bash writing mash
Bash List Writing 23 Nov, 22

Take away

Public Moment n2 at Bollenpandje
Public Research 21 Nov, 22


Split double-paged DPF
PDF Python 16 Nov, 22

Birds Press

Printing good books with nice covers
Book Press Print 14 Nov, 22

Coding Contingencies

Outline for the thesis
GRS Research Writing 03 Nov, 22

Birthday Card

draw your own b-day cards
Web 30 Oct, 22

Situated Docs

The secret plan to graduate - graduation project proposal
GRS Research Writing 08 Oct, 22

Frana Futura

A documentary about environmental fragility of coastal Italy
Documentary 21 Sep, 22


notes for the next documentation workout
CMS Diary Doc 21 Sep, 22


Graduate Research Seminar 2022-2023
GRS Research Writing 21 Sep, 22

OOC - Summer Session - V2

Dev log for Object Oriented Choreography
Performance VR Web 07 Jul, 22

Padliography 2

A way to keep track of our pads
Pad Tool Utility 30 Jun, 22


Write and modulate different levels of textuality
Text Web XML 03 Jun, 22


Working with the Media Wiki API
Python Web Wiki 01 Jun, 22


modular workbook for modular synths
CMS Sound Web 28 May, 22

SI18.05 - What is right not to

Vocal drum machine for the weekly issue release with Em
SI18 Sound Text 22 May, 22

Graduation Divination

Spiritual consultation for writing the thesis
Grad Writing 16 May, 22


Shared archive to keep track of how ideas change during research
API Community Web 14 May, 22

Documentation Template

Handy template for documenting projects
Docu Python Tool 14 May, 22

SI18.03 - Emergent Opera

Ok let's write an opera in 1 week altogether
SI18 Sound 10 May, 22

SI18.03 - Overture Atlas

blurring the borders of our contribution and call for external intervention
SI18 Sound Tool 08 May, 22

Word dimmer

A tool to navigate words semantically
Python Text Tool 29 Apr, 22

Plotter Pattern

Parametric graphics to be plotted with the plotter
CG Print vvvv 25 Apr, 22

SI18.02 - Schooling Shoaling

An exploration of pattern entrances and exits
Live SI18 Sound 24 Apr, 22

Notation system for 2 or + fingers

Drawing and performing scores with Chae
Drawings Notation Sound 20 Apr, 22

SI18.01 - Jingles

Exploring the sequencer of the Skimmer to make some jjj
SI18 Sound Tool 18 Apr, 22


Hyper~panning and displaced speakers
SI18 Sound Tool 13 Apr, 22

Soup to Wiki

Teleport this log to the wiki (teleport not ready yet)
Log Wiki 12 Apr, 22

Knob feast & Cables spaghetti hell

Generate interactive synth panel from SVG
Interaction Prototype Web 11 Apr, 22


Hand drawn SVG cables for a modular interaction
SVG Web 11 Apr, 22

Deciduous Time Everlasting Internet

Design the lifespan of a website
Web Workshop 01 Apr, 22

SI17 Homepage

A simple static website to host the loot box
SI17 Web 22 Mar, 22

Post-it Visual Identity

How to deliver a pubblication in post-it format
SI17 Visual 20 Mar, 22

we printed 85 000 postit for real

Web-to-print post-it generator app
Print SI17 Web 15 Mar, 22

Post-it Contents

A repo to organize SI17 contents in a post-it guise
SI17 10 Mar, 22

Post it generator

Prototype for web-to-print postit
Print SI17 Web 08 Mar, 22

Chameleon RRPG 🦎

A Random Role Play Game to inject micro scripted actions in daily life
Games 01 Mar, 22

test static files in project directory

it's a test
NGINX Test Web 21 Feb, 22

Chaotic evil puzzles

Jigsaw puzzle as a form of encryption of our SI17
Games Proposal SI17 18 Feb, 22

SI17 producing the public

homeworks for 21/02
SI17 18 Feb, 22

Flask that soup 🥥

Confy Flask setup on the Soupboat
Python Web 15 Feb, 22


A branching take on the exquisite corpse game
Games Python Web 13 Feb, 22

Loot Box as a Decorator

Hermit crab in the book store
Games Research SI17 11 Feb, 22

A Katamari Fanfiction

What's left when you roll on everything?
Games SI17 Text 09 Feb, 22


Closing Pandora's 3D large jar
Games Proposal SI17 04 Feb, 22

Multi Player Loot Box

Notes to generate relations within the public
Games Research SI17 04 Feb, 22

Mimic research 📦

Exploring a tricky treasure trope
Games Research SI17 04 Feb, 22

Temporality of the loot box

Against instant rewarding
Games Research SI17 01 Feb, 22

Soupboat CMS 00

Micro JSON→HTML CMS for the first trimester
CMS JS 24 Dec, 21

SI16 Backend

Flexible Flask app (~) for the SI16 API
Python SI16 Web 16 Dec, 21

Annotation Compass

A tool for gathering situated impressions in order to create individual, vernacular and poetic readings of various inputs
Label SI16 Tool Web 10 Dec, 21

Spawn Sticker

simple & flexible & adhesive
JS SI16 Web 09 Dec, 21

SI16 Frontend Proposal

Proposal for the SI16 website
Design SI16 Web 08 Dec, 21

SI16 Structure Proposal

Imaging the SI16 as an API ecosystem
Proposal SI16 15 Nov, 21

SI16 API node.js + express prototype

Test for an API-based special issue
API REST SI16 Web 14 Nov, 21

API Worlding

What Can API Learn from Poetics and World-building?
API 10 Nov, 21

SI16 API Strapi-Nuxt prototype

Test for a node.js backend for the SI16 app
API JS 10 Nov, 21

Concrete 🎏 Label

A tool for annotating visual contents
Label Text Tool Web 01 Nov, 21

🏓 PADliography

Fetching all our pads from the PZI wiki with API magic
CMS Long Term Utility Web 28 Oct, 21

Pimp the Soupboat WS

Crash HTML_CSS workshop for our dear XPUB1 fellows
Web Workshop 28 Oct, 21


Karaoke as a mean of republishing
Event Long Term Text vvvv 21 Oct, 21

🥣 Soup-gen

A soup aggregator for the next 2 years
CMS Long Term Web 19 Oct, 21

Rejection 🧠⛈️

Round glossary just for fun ok
Process SI16 19 Oct, 21

Cam Transcript

10 minutes transcription from Insecam webcams
Text Video 12 Oct, 21

Chat Reader

Transform a text (ok no, actually a CSV file) into a chat
Chat JS Text 06 Oct, 21

Text Weaving

Weave two texts, like warp and weft
NLTK Python Text 05 Oct, 21

Text ⛵ Lifeboats

What if we could use some excerpts from all of what we are reading now as lifeboats in a sea of text?
JS Text 28 Sep, 21