...a Swiss dish, also popular in France, based on heating cheese and scraping off the melted part. Raclette cheese is a Swiss cheese marketed specifically to be used for this dish.

Recipe for Raclette

For a raclette dinner, you will need about 200g (7 oz) raclette cheese per person. I always buy an extra portion in case someone has a hearty appetite that night! I also like to buy a selection of different raclette cheese to keep the flavours interesting but, as a general rule, at least half of the assortment should be mild raclette cheese. In my family, we like to cook lots of vegetables on the raclette grill. Cheese and potatoes on its own can be quite heavy and filling, and I think the addition of grilled vegetables make it more of a complete meal. You can also grill sausages or a piece of beef fillet if you eat meat. The melted raclette cheese is usually served over boiled potatoes, with cornichons and pickled onions on the side. But I have many Swiss friends who like to pour their cheese over their grilled vegetables and pickles; some even chop up their potatoes and place these directly in the coupelles so that the cheese can melt directly on top! A dry white wine goes best with cheese dishes like raclette.

Why should I eat raclette?

  1. Because: Cheese.
  2. Sitting around a table and sharing a meal with your loved ones is beautiful.
  3. Raclette ideas are endless and the menu is ever-changing.