Input from participants in /ETC Athens 2019

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Some of the material, stories and practices that are documented in this Wiki, come from the generous input from discussions, workshops and testimonies in the context of /ETC Athens 2019.
Heartfelt thanks to the organisers of the Eclectic Tech Carnival and all womxn who contributed with their participation. ~~
Thanks to Donna, for her in-person interview, in October 2019.
Donna Metzlar .•°*”˜˜ grew up in Cape Town, officially trained as a nurse, she became fascinated with computers and started working as a system administrator! While being involved in many social and political activities, she has organised multiple workshops, events, and feminist projects. She is one of the core members of Genderchangers, co-founder of the Eclectic Tech Carnival, Girl Geek Dinner Amsterdam and the Systerserver.
Thanks to Angeliki, for her help and support in the initiation of feminist hack initiatives in Athens and Rotterdam.
Angeliki Diakrousi .•°*”˜˜ is an artist and media researcher with a background in architecture, visual arts and experimental publishing. Her practice relates to topics around activation of public spaces, archives, voice, speech platforms and listening channels. She is part of Varia Zone and /etc.
Thanks to Mara, for her great work at the /ETC 2019 and her effort to initiate of feminist hack initiatives in Athens.
Mara Karagianni .•°*”˜˜ studied photography and graphic arts in Athens and afterwards media design at the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam. She creates software and hardware tools for interactive projects and works as a freelance web designer and developer using free and open source software. She is a member of the Genderchangers, the /ETC, the SysterServer, and Media Liberation Front/Feminism collectives which have organized workshops and events about media and public space. ~~ Special thanks to the participants of the workshop xperiences during /ETC AThens.

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