image/svg+xml Quest Card oc.women is an unmoderated Usenet Newsgroup to discuss social issues from a female perspective. Topics include gender rights, child support, custody of children, relationships and more. It is specifically created to discuss issues related to women, their problems and relationships. A Usenet newsgroup is a repository usually within the Usenet system, for messages posted from many users in different locations using the Internet. being a woman in this group. Posts of men exceedingly outnumber those of women. In a count of 292 responses, 13% were women, 78% were men and 9% were undeterminable. Consider: What would you do?

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Choose from the following options:
What you would do in the described situation?

♦ Create an encrypted women-only chamber.•°*”˜

♦ Confront the men in the group ✎

Wiki ✎