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Like most role-playing games, INSTANT WARNET offers players a set of predefined classes with which to build their characters. To begin, choose the class which appeals to you the most. Players should see these classes as inspiration, and feel free to modify them as they see fit, adjusting everything from their names to who they follow and how they behave.

Type 1: The Political Paladin



Political Paladins are tactical masters, who often engage in close combat with trolls from opposing ideological camps. They have a keen eye for state-sponsored operations, paid propaganda, fake news and fearmongering. They may switch positions from left to right, if it serves their ultimate goal of disrupting the current discourse around politics.

Suggested targets

Look for: political parties, figures & campaigns, current news items, election issues, propaganda posts, fake accounts. Examples include: #maga #brexit #fakenews #defendeurope #antifa #whitegenocide #blacklivesmatter #liberaltears #refugeesnotwelcome @realdonaldtrump @wearebreitbart @milo.yiannopoulos @ocasio2018 @tomilahren @NRA @thierry_baudet @jokowi @prabowo @the_typical_liberal @politico @brexitparty

Type 2: The Manosphere Ranger

Screen Shot 2019-06-08 at 13.50.18.png


Manosphere Rangers are feminists who infiltrate hostile spaces that promote sexism and misogyny. They are cunning and critical, skilled at exposing gaslighting, mansplaining, slut-shaming, revenge-porn, doxxing and other forms of gendered oppression. For Rangers, the ultimate goal is to reclaim space for women’s voices online and to talk back to white male dominance.

Suggested targets

Look for: misogynistic communities, figures and campaigns promoting toxic masculinity & gender stereotypes. Examples include: #feminazi #MRA #incel #antifeminist #mgtow #redpill #metoo #prolife @slutwhisperer @jordan.b.peterson @askmystery @ig_casa_nova @candyshopmansion @womensmarch @takedownthepatriarchy @thegirlmob @plannedparenthood @rosemcgowan @freethenipple @kingroosh

Type 3: The Pop-Culture Alchemist



Pop-Culture Alchemists have their finger on the pulse of what’s new and what’s popular. They seek ways to heal society of its contemporary ills, which include excess capitalism, harmful media diets and celebrity fads. They are observant and agile, often crawling the pages of trending hashtags and feeds to challenge the sheepdogs and rattle the conspiracists.

Suggested targets

Look for: controversial pop culture trends, figures & companies, dangerous conspiracy theories, social movements. Examples include: #hustle #flatearth #qanon #vaccineskill #rkelly #climatechange #fitspo @huel @diet_prada @flattummyco @flatearthtshirtco @lambe_turah @commentsbycelebs @vice @kimkardashian @jameelajamilofficial @lilmiquela

Type 4: The Unsilent Indonesian



The Unsilent Indonesian is a character based on the creator of Instant Warnet — and on the millions of individuals which make up Indonesia’s moderate (and often silent) majority. She is part of a growing group of netizens fighting against the spread of social and religious extremism in the region. Their ultimate goal is to promote tolerance and freedom of expression online, and to speak out against the oppression of minorities.

Suggested targets

Look for: radical trends, figures or campaigns, dogmatic hashtags, extremist groups and fearmongering accounts. Examples include: #antiLGBT #pemudahijrah #muslimcyberarmy #yukhijrah @indonesiatanpafeminis @gerakannikahmuda @ukhtiakhiantiselfie @indonesiatanpapacaran @fiqihwanita_