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Welcome to the Resource Room. Here you can find a list of references which helped inform the development of INSTANT WARNET, including news articles, academic research and relevant projects. Players and gamemasters are free to add resources as they see fit.

On freedom of expression and social media

  • Deibert, R. (2008) ‘Black Code Redux: Censorship, Surveillance, and the Militarization of Cyberspace.’ In: Boler, M. (ed.) Digital Media and Democracy: Tactics in Hard Times. Cambridge: MIT Press.
  • Lim, L. (2003). ‘The internet, social reform, and networks in Indonesia.’ In Couldry, N. and Curran, J. (Eds.), Contesting media power: Alternative media in a networked world. Lanham, MD: Rowman and Littlefield.

On trolling

  • Shantz, J. and Tomblin, J. (2014). Cyber Disobedience: Re://Presenting Online Anarchy. Alresford: John

Hunt Publishing.

  • Coleman, G. (2014) Hacker, Hoaxer, Whistleblower, Spy: The Many Faces of Anonymous. London: Verso


Other feminist interventions / digital activism projects

  • ladymouth: a chatbot which finds misogynist comments on reddit and responds with quotes from key feminist figures.
  • Troll Palayan: a research project and publication on trolling behavior, involving meme sweatshops, organic troll farms, offline discussion groups, and online performances on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Protesting in the Streets of Instagram: an essay exploring how Instagram geotags allow us to construct a “digitally networked public sphere” and how we might use those geotag archives as extensions of our physical presence when protesting police violence.
  • SafeNet Indonesia: a platform defending digital rights in Southeast Asia, with initiatives focused on gendered abuse online, like the hashtag campaign #beranibersuara ('courage to speak').
  • FemH3ck: a feminist hackathon and digital security training for women & LGBTIQ activists in Indonesia.
  • Gendering Surveillance: an Indian platform looking at surveillance (both online and offline) through a gendered lens.
  • Dangerous Speech Project: a platform for research into fear-inducing, divisive rhetoric online and the potential of 'counterspeech' as a response.
  • Just for the Record: a platform investigating how gender is represented in new media and writing/publishing tools like Wikipedia, and how it influences the way history is recorded.
  • The Possibility of an Army: a performance by Constant Dullaart which used automation to create hundreds of fictitious profiles on Facebook, using the real names of long-dead mercenaries who fought in the American Revolution.
  • Politwoops: a web-based tweet-tracker which combs the accounts of well-known politicians, and records every deleted post.
  • Disruption Network Lab: a platform and series of conferences for whistleblowers, human rights advocates, artists, hackers, journalists, lawyers and activists to present their practice, and promote in-depth understanding of digital culture in everyday life and society.
  • Ludic Society Magazines: a publication which provokes a novel discipline around the conceptual disjunction of game and play, presenting them as conceptual catalysts for theoretical thought.
  • An Anthem to Open Borders: a lecture-performance inspired by the specific context of the former Yugoslavia, and the phenomenon of social behaviour on YouTube music videos.